The Scandinavian Association of the Order of Malta in Iceland

Membership: 6 persons and 1 priest, our chaplain.

Each one of us are according to his or her capacity and availability giving to charity in the spirit of our Order.

We contact people that we know are unable to get to mass on Sundays without help. If they want us to drive them, we are glad to do so. We plan to create a program for this in the future.

We assist the Carmelite Monastery in Hafnarfjordur near Reykjavik (a Clausure Monastery) with various drivings on their behalf to and from the Monastery. We also help delivering bread from a baker, who gives bread and cakes to the nuns once a week.

We also gather the children of our families together and take them to catechism and masses. We do our best to transfer our faith to the next generation.

We are also helping the Mother Teresa sisters, The Missionaries of Charity, in their soup kitchen.

We will also be having our annual Spiritual Retreat with our chaplain Father Jakob Roland, in a house owned by the Catholic Church in the west of Iceland.

Malteserorden Skandinaviska associationen

Box 62, 178 02 Drottningholm, Sverige |